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What we love doing:



Family Reunions

Children's themed birthday parties

Community Events

School Lunch Programs, Open House, Back To School Night, Grad Nights

Informal Weddings

Sporting Events

Milestone Anniversaries


Most events will include our 18 ft pizza trailer with our conveyor oven and a service window.

Birthday Parties

We also offer our interactive pizza experience for children's parties.  The birthday child will have his or her name in lights on the trailer.  All the toppings are supplied on a prep table for them to make their own pizza.  They will hand the pizza to our chef to cook.  Table and benches along with table cover & place settings and to drink your child can make their own snow cone or have a Capri Sun.  


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Servicing San Joaquin County

Call or Text Jerry @ 925-234-8603 or Yvonne 925-628-9755